Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Classified Ads

By Alex Wu

Something for nothing, we are all hoping we find it but it rarely if ever is the case. Well guess what, there finally is something that you can get for nothing that can possibly produce a job or let you earn some extra cash.

I know, I know, you will believe it when you see it. Well get ready to proclaim from the top of the highest mountain that you are a converter because I am about to show you how to make this unbelievable proposition work for you.

By now, unless you are living back in the early 1900's, you have probably figured out that I am not talking about the print media. We are speaking of sites that you can utilize on the internet. Are there enough sites out there that do this? How does over 12,000,000 sound to you. If you don't believe it, do a search and see how many hits you get. That is an 8 digit number folks!

With the availability of all of these, you can choose to do whatever you want but for our purposes here, we are aimed at mostly selling items or starting your own business and trying to find job. These are two areas that will usually cost you decent amount of cash but not if you make use of the free services we are discussing here.

Are all of these sites legitimate and trustworthy? No, you would be a fool to think that they were but there are enough of them out there that you can trust that you can saturate the market with your listing and get positive results. The traffic that these sites produce will get you more exposure in a week than you would by running a print ad for a year.

We are going to avoid the fly by night sites and go with trustworthy social networking sites and marketplace sites. While most of these sites will offer upgrades that you can pay for, it is a waste of money. Using the free capabilities will supply you with plenty of hits and do so on a national, if not worldwide stage versus focusing on your local community.

Placing your ad or starting your own page is quite simple at each one of these sites. If you can blog, you can have your own listing on any of the social networking sites and if you can type and follow directions, you can get an ad up on Craig List. They key to the success of your ad however, will depend on your keywords. Like anything, you need to make sure your point is being made in the title of your page or listing. This will ensure the most exposure on search engines, especially the internal search engines that each of these sites feature.

The best feature of all of these is that they are totally free. Unlike using a print ad, you don't have to pay any up front costs. If you are selling something, you won't have to pay a listing fee or commission to the site upon sale like you would for an auction site. And if you are looking for a job, you don't have to pay a finders fee like you would a head hunting site. All the fee's are paid for by advertising that is featured on the site. How much better can it get?

You are still reading? Get off the sofa and go look in your garage and see what you can sell. Better yet, maybe you can offer some type of service, i.e. cleaning, that will end up as your permanent source of income. Regardless, whether you are trying to sell something or looking for a job, get moving because the only money you are losing in this venture is future earnings! - 16651

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