Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guys, Clueless About Valentines Day Jewelry Shopping?

By Art Barron

If you're like most men, Valentine jewelry shopping for your girl can be a frustrating experience. What does she like? Where can you get it? How do you know that what you're buying is the right one? There are so many questions to ponder and there seems to be no straight answers!

Relax. It may surprise you to know that this is a problem that plagues so many guys out there.

Shopping for jewelry need not be a Titanic in your life. Here are some things to consider to help you along:

Do some recon first; figure out what she likes.

Just because it's expensive, and within the latest fashion trend, doesn't mean she will wear it. Some women like small and subtle accessories; other go for the loud, huge and flamboyant. Some women like things formal and classy; others a bit experimental and playful. And then there are preferences for particular materials. There are gold lovers, silver lovers and copper lovers. There are women with long-standing love affairs with certain stones.

How would you know what she likes? Don't depend merely on the shop owner because he certainly doesn't know your girlfriend! Begin by noticing what she likes to wear every so often. Take a peek inside her jewelry box. Take a photo of her in full get up, and show the sales person. You can even ask her best friend for advice. If you can, go with her when she shops and try to notice which jewels she is mostly drawn to.

Selecting a design. With hearts or not?

Hearts are common this time of the year and they are always a good choice. They fit the occasion and they can be worn across seasons. A heart also symbolizes the feeling that goes with the gift. By choosing heart-shaped jewelry, you are sending your message of affection loud and clear.

But note that you are not obliged to choose a heart shaped jewelry just because it's Valentines Day. Also, some women are not keen on wearing anything with hearts in them. If your girl is like that, scrap the idea. Valentine jewelry gifting rules are flexible; you don't have to stay with the motif.

You can always choose some other design to make your jewelry unique and special. If your girl is the practical type, then small, sturdy silver earrings can work out fine. If she's flashy, dangling earrings are the ones for you. You can also opt to make jewelry that is specific for the two of you, for example, if you're both into sports, a charm full of different kinds of sports equipment or something along those lines.

Look around

You don't have to buy from the first store that you find. The more stores you check out, the better are your chances of finding something that's a good match to her taste (and your wallet!). It's always a good idea to shop ahead of time; it gives you the liberty to be choosy.

Also, look beyond the typical mall jewelry store. There are many treasures waiting for you in vintage shops, pawnshops or even small family-owned businesses. Remember, those who find the treasure are those who dig at exactly the right spot.

Wherever you buy, make sure that your jewelry has a certification of authenticity. This will help ensure that what you are spending your hard-earned cash on is the real deal.

Give her the choice.

Now if jewelry shopping really has you stumped, here's an idea: why don't you just let her choose? Depending on how you package it, making them pick what they like can still be really romantic.

If you're worried about revealing your budget, befriend the jewelry store owner beforehand. Give your range and have him prepare a selection for your girl that she can view in a private room. It's actually romantic for the two of you to choose together. - 16651

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