Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Box Office Movie Downloads

By Firan Hungey

I have made a sampling of the movies released this year (2008). These are some of the films I enjoyed watching this year. Hopefully you will see some films here that are worth watching.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: Wild and crazy nights in Las Vegas are normal. Joy and Jack, who had just met, wake up to discover that they are married. They wind up winning a large jackpot at the slot machines, but each thinks they deserve the prize, so they try to settle it in court. It is decided that the two must stay married for a few months, and see if they can settle their differences. With $3 million on the line, they each try to get the other to give up, as both desire to get the money for themselves.

10,000 B.C.: This film will take you back almost 12,000 years. When mysterious warlords from another tribe invade the Yaghai tribe, they ride off with some of the people, including the lovely Evolet. D'Leh, a young hunter who loves Evolet, leads a group of hunters to pursue the warlords, and save her, and the rest of the captured tribe members.

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL: Overwhelmed with grief after a tough split with Sarah (a television actor), Peter finally plans to go on a trip to Hawaii to start anew and forget about Sarah. As fate would have it, when he checks into the resort hotel, the first thing he sees is Sarah and her new boyfriend, who is a mega rock star. The stage is set for a thoughtful romantic comedy.

THE DARK KNIGHT: In this film Batman, and law enforcement officials, are taking the major criminals off the streets. This has effectively reduced crime, until a new criminal mastermind shows up, and things get a lot worse. Batman is in a battle now, as criminal mastermind, the Joker, has released an overwhelming assault on Gotham City.

WANTED: Wesley, an office worker going nowhere in life, learns that his father, who he never really knew, is a contract killer. His father has been murdered, now Wesley is asked to join into the organization that his dad was a member of. He is transformed from a nobody office worker into the assassin that that he was destined to become. From that point on, this movie gets extremely complicated. Enjoy this roller coaster ride.

STEP BROTHERS: When two child like older men, who both live at home with one parent, find themselves having to live in the same bedroom because their mom and dad get married, you have one crazy situation. Casting John Reilly and Will Ferrell in those roles, and this seems to be a great recipe for a funny movie. This comedy looks like a sure thing if your looking for some laughs.

Jumper: Nearing death by drowning, David Rice (Hayden Christensen) learns he has an unbelievable ability. He has the ability to teleport himself to anywhere he desires to be, anytime he wants. He then comes to learn that he is not the only one that has this ability. After he becomes used to jumping around the world, he learns that there are people that are trying to rid the world of jumpers. Now he is in a fight for survival, as these paladins believe he should die.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the story of Dr. Bruce Banner, who has become the green Hulk. This film is about the marvel comic character the green Hulk. Key cast members are Edward Norton, Tim Roth and Liv Tyler. Louis Leterrier directs this film. The film genre is science fiction.

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO: Rent is over due and Zack and Miri, life long platonic friends who live together, need to come up with some cash soon. What's their solution? Easy, make porno flicks. As you might expect this is a perfect environment for lots of laughs.

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