Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Women Wear?

By reklicom

The career women can also get a great variety of excellent daily wear with practical designs. Womens wear is popularized by celebrities and international superstars like Shakira and Sandra Oh. The breathtakingly beautiful collection of BCBG has evinced immense interest from high fashion and high society women.

If you have a watch which is gold plated watches these should also be care for in the same way.All of these methods should help to get the best of your womens designer watch and we would like to thank Hot Watches for their assistance.

It is for all types of women belonging to all age groups, sizes, shapes and personal styles. BCBG womens wear is timeless, fashionable, comfortable and stylish and the incredible collection is ideally suitable for women of all types. The BCBG label is designed in such a manner that it can be adapted to suit all lifestyles.

These new designers watches broke many of the boundaries of what is acceptable in a watch and what is not. These new womens designer watches use materials never before thought of in the watch industry to create images that were never before possible without the use of Diamonds and the creation of large price tags.

With all these new materials like Swarovski crystal, Chorian and gemstones how do you ensure that your womens designer watches look as good in 2 years time as they did when you first bought them?

Swarovski crystal has been the buzz word this season with many manufactures making more and more womens designer watches encrusted in the Austrian crystal like the NY3746 or the Prism by Guess. But caring for crystal is a difficult thing to do when you are not used to wearing crystal jewellery.

When using perfume ensure that if the perfume is a spray that the watch is well away from where you are spraying your perfume remember preferably in a box so it is not hit any stray perfume when sprayed.If placing perfume on the wrist where you wear your watch, ensure that you are not wearing the watch and that when you place the watch on your wrist that the perfume is dry.

Summer has come up with light colors. White is key color of the season. Colors like grey, navy blue have been used to give glamorous look. Bright colors have come back with red-orange and fuchsia. Cool, neutrals will always find a place in your summer wardrobes.

This can be tested by placing a hand on a woman's lower spine when she is walking in various different heel heights - the impact vibrations transmitted up the skeleton by walking purposefully in the manner allowed by the lower stiletto heels are far more noticeable.

The black and white combination doesnt look contrast but it moved softer and transformed into shady grey and off white. How about trying the combination of white embroidery on black background or vice versa? - 16651

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