Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shop Online Movies Until You Drop

By Reed Thumbs

With a shop near every neighborhood, video stores have been the most convenient way to get movies for years. High speed internet access has now made it possible to download movies right off a movie download site. You will find just about any movie you want with a good movie download site, below is a small sample.

Get Smart: Maxwell Smart is back. It?s CONTROL versus KAOS in the classic battle of good versus evil. Analyst Maxwell is thrust into the role as secret agent and must put down the attack by KAOS, and their leader Siegfried.

The Lion King: A brilliantly conceived animation, adventure comedy made for the whole family. It tells the story of Simba, the young lion, who is the son of the King. Simba is deceived by Scar, his uncle, and convinced that he is responsible for the death of his father, so he leaves the kingdom. Once he has grown he returns to his home, discovers the lies Scars told, and takes his rightful place, as king of the jungle.

Born On The Fourth Of July: A true story that chronicles the life of Ron Kovic. A volunteer in the army, Ron does a tour in Vietnam, where he suffers injuries that leave him paralyzed. After his disturbing treatment by the government, and harrowing experiences in VA hospitals, Ron becomes an anti war activist. He feels completely betrayed by the country that he fought for.

Ice Age: The Meltdown: This animation comedy adventure features Manny, the wooly mammoth, Diego, the saber toothed tiger Sid, the sloth, and Scrat, the squirrel, as they continue to deal with a fast changing world, as the ice melts around them. They meet Ellie, Crash, and Eddie, three possums. The strange thing is that Ellie is actually a wooly mammoth that is convinced she is a possum. Together they work to survive the floods that are coming.

The Sixth Sense: Youngster Cole Sear has a gift, or curse. He claims that he can see dead people. He confides in child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. As we go deeper into the events of these two people, it becomes unclear who is a ghost, and who is real.

Juno: Juno is a smart young girl facing a huge dilemma. She is pregnant. Wanting the best for the child she strives to find a fitting set of parents for her baby. With the support of loving parents, Juno tries to deal with coming of age before her time.

Four Christmases: Four years Kate and Brad have avoided the chaos of Christmas with their families by escaping to a tropical paradise during the holidays. This year bad weather traps them at the San Francisco airport. When the families discover that they are in town, they must suffer through for Christmases in one day.

Flubber: Absent-minded professor Phillip Brainard is working on a revolutionary discovery. When he finally succeeds, the world is introduce to and incredible gooey substance called Flubber. When applied to almost anything, the effect is to massively increase the rebounding qualities of the object, seemingly defying gravity.

X Men: The Last Stand: For the first time in history, the mutants have a choice. There is a cure for the mutants, so they can choose to give up their powers and become normal people. With dissention among the mutant leaders, a massive war ensues.

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