Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Want To Get 10,000 Visitors Per Day?

By Alexa Darver

Web traffic is the key to any online business' success. Without it, nobody will be come to your site and buy your product or invest in your service. In this short article I'm going to teach you how you can receive massive traffic to your site and start reaping huge profits.

The first way to achieve the magic 10,000 visitor per day mark is the simplest, but will cost you some cash to implement. These days you can use sites like to buy votes to increase your site's ranking on popular social bookmarking sites like Digg. While this sounds complicated, it's relatively easy and cheap when compared to other options. Not only that, but you can get much more than just 10,000 visitors per day.

With a site like uSocial you can buy Diggs -- for example -- and if you receive a front-page listing on the site you'll receive a massive influx of traffic to your site, in some cases as many as 100,000 or more in a day. I was sceptical of this practice at first, however my first ever time using this site I generated 72,000+ visitors to my site in under 24 hours with an investment of less than $300. In fact, it's my favourite way of getting traffic still to this day.

My next piece of advice is to use the power of the media to your advantage and send out a press release to get you to your 10,000 per day goal. All you need is to create a story around your business that you think is newsworthy, write a release and have it sent -- all of this is free, though you will most likely need to pay someone to distribute your release to the media.

You will need to spend some money investing in a good press release distribution agency to reap the full benefit of this method which will cost you somewhere between $300 and $1000, however you will get access to around 500,000 or more journalists -- if even one of these picks up your story then you'll definitely return your investment in the service.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you at least try out one of these methods and I truly wish you all the best in achieving your goal of 10,000 visitors per day! - 16651

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