Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Owning Jewelry That Looks Like Tiffany Is Realistic

By Elias Riftinger

Sometimes a particular style or name brand can generate so much interest that designers make a special effort to duplicate the appearance of jewelry items at a lower cost. The goal, of course, is to put quality jewelry items in the possession of those who could not afford the original, often unique article.

This is certainly true with the world-class Tiffany name. Tiffany's jewelry is so recognizable for quality and workmanship that thousands of people want to wear something from the famous source. Often, the thoughts along this line are nothing more than dreams because of the cost of acquiring an original Tiffany item. It is much more realistic for most members of the working class to add nice jewelry pieces to their collection by purchasing replicas of Tiffany jewelry. This gives them the look of the original without the high price.

It is a fact of life that jewelry from a renowned designer or store becomes so popular that it sets a trend. In addition, some designer jewelry items become classics and desired collectibles because of the art and materials involved. In this situation, jewelry makers around the world attempt to copy the design, using similar materials, then sell their work as replicas. These sources of replica designer jewelry have become so popular, in fact, that items are often mass produced to meet demand. Even those jewelry items that are not factory-made can be produced in larger numbers by skilled craftsmen working every day. The result is often an item of jewelry that becomes almost as desirable as the original, because of the talent of these lesser-known artisans.

For many years, the Tiffany name has inspired makers of replica jewelry to copy design and form. The result has been the creation of a profitable business with a large clientele among those who want the Tiffany look. Many lesser-known designers and craftsmen have been able to replicate the luxurious style of Tiffany, using materials other than the quality diamonds and metals in the original.

It all comes down to affordable Tiffany style without the Tiffany price. More people are now able to purchase a jewelry item that is a Tiffany replica, and those who see it will not know the difference. These replicas can surprise even the more knowledgeable among jewelry enthusiasts in the way the items mimic an original. Jewelry made from inexpensive materials such as "paste" gems and quartz often look surprisingly authentic, though the materials are certainly not diamond and platinum.

Of course, buyers should be careful not to purchase an item that is marketed as a Tiffany original, only to discover that it is an imitation. This will be an expensive mistake. Some unscrupulous traders on the world jewelry scene don't hesitate to take advantage of the population's desire for Tiffany style. Keep in mind that authentic Tiffany & Co. items have the company engraving/signature mark. If this is not present, the item is not an original Tiffany piece. Some of the things to look for when trying to distinguish original Tiffany items from imitations: several sizes of one item; fake platinum will appear much too bright; rough edges; and a suspicious looking forgery of the trademark. Compare the offered item with other original Tiffany pieces, even in photos, to help evaluate it. The Tiffany look is so popular that it will continue to be imitated for decades. - 16651

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