Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ventura Art Walk

By Ian Kleine

Never has been there such a large conglomerate of art fairs and galleries across the state of California as the Ventura Spring Art Walk, which is held every April in the good district of Ventura Downtown.

The Spring Art Walk is a celebration of Ventura's active and diverse community of artists and art lovers. The event is held every Spring and during Fall. The galleryruns from downtown towards the beach. Each shop, cafe, boutique, salon and restaurant holds its own gallery of arty-ness. It's a plethora of art and art lovers during the height of the festivities!

There isn't a limitation to what medium of art you will see. So far, they have had paintings, sculptures, shoes, food, costumes, dancing, bicycle-wheel arches (!), statues, photographs, music, and the like for like. It's like a new dimension when the festival takes place.

The two-day festivity has a lot of events, and not just strolling around as one would usually assume of an 'artwalk'. There's workshops for the budding artists, music fests of differing genres, food fairs and scavenger hunts. It's a completely different festival as contemporary art and modern art are fused into one, with a twist of music, playing and festivities.

If you want, you can spend the first day just moseying over and browsing all the good stuff from the different shops in the festival line. Try starting from the heart of the district traveling towards the beach. There are numerous bands at differing times that will perform across some of the venues.

The festival is as much culture as it is for art. If you wish to have yourself in art (and a whole lot of it), try and visit the Ventura Spring Art Walk! I'm quite anticipating this fest myself, as I also have an affinity for art. - 16651

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