Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Funny Films You Must Download

By Laura Dried

With the year 2008 almost finished The movie industry provided movie goers with at least three hundred films. From this collection, seventy five, or so, are made with laughter in mind. Let's name a few of the best funny movies that you should see.

MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA: As the title suggests, this is the continuation to the animated smash hit Madagascar. Our cast of lost animals, Alex (Lion), Marty (Zebra), Gloria (Hippo), and Melman (Giraffe) are attempting to leave Madagascar, and go back to the Central Park Zoo, which is home for them all. Instead, as the Penguins are up to their old tricks, they now are headed to Africa, for more adventures.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: Underachieving pothead Dale unfortunately has just viewed a crooked police man, and a big time dealer, kill someone. The killers know he has seen what's gone down. Knowing they've seen him, he drops his joint of pineapple express, and takes off. The pot is so unique, that the bad guys can track it. The "fun" is on, Dale and his pot dealer friend Saul are now running for their lives.

HAMLET 2: Failed actor Mr. Marshz has moved on to teaching theater classes at the high school to uninspired high school kids. When they lose a building at the campus, the school board figures the acting classes will be what is dropped. Wanting to fight, he hopes to keep the school from dropping his classes by producing Hamlet 2, a new version of the classic, which is his own work.

GET SMART: Maxwell Smart, as agent 86, is here again, and everything is under "CONTROL". The evil organization (KAOS) vs. the good guys (CONTROL), has gadgets galore, and all the classic quotes. It's a trip down memory lane to look back at the world of KAOS and CONTROL.

TROPIC THUNDER: With a star studded cast this film is a spoof on many of the most popular war movies. Things are going bad, that to get his underachieving super stars to make a true epic masterpiece, the desperate director into the wild jungle, and leaves them on their own. His theory is to frighten them so they will produce a work of genius, that will be recorded on hidden cameras. Incredibly, because the director dies unexpectedly by stepping on a real land mine, the actors are now truly on their own, and they start acting, thinking it's a big set, when things start to get very real. Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Cruise star.

STEP BROTHERS: When two 40 year olds, who each live with their single parents, find themselves having to live in the same room because their parents marry, we see that they are bound to have problems. Having the combination of Reilly and Ferrell playing the parts, and this has the makings for a raucous comedy. This seems like a sure fire bet for comedy lovers.

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL: Down in the dumps after an undesired break up with his girlfriend Sarah, (a TV sitcom actress), Peter (Jason Segal) decides to go on a trip to Oahu to get past the break up. Of course, upon checking into the resort, the first people he sees are his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend, who has it all. The stage is set for a thoughtful romantic comedy.

ROLE MODELS: Danny and Wheeler, a couple of energy drink promoters, might be seeing some hard jail time after trashing the company truck. The way they can avoid serving jail time is to perform 150 hours of community service. They are assigned to work as mentors with difficult children as sort of a big brother. The pieces are all in place for this to be very funny.

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO: The bills aren't getting paid and Zack and Miri, roomies who have been friends since grade school, are desperate to make some money. The answer? Easy, make a dirty movie. Obviously this seems like a good recipe for a funny film.

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