Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ventura County Lemon Fest

By Ian Kleine

We have festivals for flowers and fauna festivals. Well, this time, here in Ventura County, the thing they're celebrating? Lemons!

Yes, those yellow citruses that have found their way into every household as the common source of vitamin C, in par with oranges.

Lemon, which had inspired the flavor for lemonade. Lemons, which go well with almost any food. Perhaps the people of Ventura had thought that it was well enough time for the fruit to be praised for its usefulness.

The Annual Lemon Fest is held around the month of September, the venue being the mall that was constructed on top of a former lemon grove. Ventura County boasts lemons as one of the top two crops that are being grown in the area. It's a fun-filled fest full of lemony surprises!

The Lemon Fest is more kid-friendly, despite the proliferation of lemons everywhere. The grounds are littered with kid-to-stuff, like bouncing castles, wall-climbing, craft projects and art as well. Even the parents can join in with their kids. Think about it as some sort of family-fun experience. They are also featuring a mini-zoo for the kids this year. It's a very diverse kind of festival.

The cooking shows and booths are also well worth it. If you have more interested in flying food, well, here's your place! They have lemon spitting contests! Free food? Not a problem! The contests also host a pie eating event! Prepare your tummy for some good lemony pies! Of course, the main eating event would be the lemon meringue eating contest. Devour as much as you can in under thirty seconds!

The art contests littering around are usually done by the folks of Ventura, usually by schools around the county. They also have t-shirt designing, printing, and other stuff. Photos of the past festivals are also archived and available for viewing. - 16651

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