Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Should You Buy Diggs?

By Alexa Darver

Many people are going ahead and reaping the benefits of the process of buying Digg votes, however the hot debate is still on as to whether it's ethical or not. In this article, we're going to look at a few points on this topic.

The only point against this practice is that sites like who sell the votes are making a mockery of social bookmarking sites. While this may be true, others argue that they are providing a quality advertising service which simply cannot be matched by price at all.

The cost is the big selling point for pay-per-Digg sites like uSocial as they can provide results of around 100,000 visitors in a day for an investment of between $300-$500, which is around 99.5% cheaper than alternatives like PPC marketing which can cost up to $2 per visitor. A huge difference, to say the least.

While people are still angry, small-business owners in particular have hailed this method of advertising as their savior as it now means they can compete in industries and markets where they were not able to before, especially considering the massive costs in some PPC niches.

So, is it wrong to invest in social bookmarking votes? I'll leave that up to you, just consider these points and make up your own mind. - 16651

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