Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Online Movies For Dumdums

By Clara Toms

For a long time we have used the video store as one of our main ways to access movies. As technologies have advanced, downloading dvds from off movie download sites is becoming very common. Just about any movie every made can be attained through a movie download site now. Check out these samples.

Night At The Museum: When Larry took the job as security guard and the National History Museum he had no idea what he was getting. Armed with a flashlight and an instruction book, he is on his own in the huge building. Amazingly, everything in the museum starts to come to life. From beasts to world leaders, everything is now alive. He has dreamed of being a hero all his life, his moment has now arrived.

The Departed: In this complex intrigue, the state police are battling the Irish mob in South Boston. Two men find themselves in daring roles as double agents, one infiltrating the mob, the other the police force. Both sides feel a mole exists, the question is who gets found out first.

Borat: A bizarre comedy that takes a look at an America from a foreigners perspective. A journalist from Kazakhstan travels around America creating a humorous cultural discord. Many of our prejudices are exposed in this film.

The Chronicles Of Narnia; Prince Caspian: After returning to Earth for one year, the four Kings and Queens of Narnia, are drawn back into Narnia. Prince Caspian has blown the horn beckoning their return. It is now centuries later in Narnia, and much has changed. Now they must fight beside the Prince to help return Narnia to the peaceful wonderful place it once was.

Rush Hour 3: The Triads, the worlds most power crime syndicate, are trying to keep their identities a secret. Ambassador Han has information that will identify the leaders of the syndicate. He is silenced by a hit mans bullet, and Carter (Chris Tucker) and Lee (Jackie Chan) are back in action trying to unravel the mystery.

Live Free Or Die Hard: The U. S. is under attack. A criminal mind is attacking the system with modern techniques. It is now up to Detective John McClane and brilliant computer hacker Matt Farrell to find and stop whoever is doing the attacking.

Fantastic Four; Rise Of The Silver Surfer: Our four superheroes have their hands full this time. The seemingly unstoppable Silver Surfer has come to destroy the Earth. They must figure out a way to stop him before all is lost.

War Of The Worlds: The future of the human race is at stake in this invasion from outer space thriller. The aliens seem to be indestructible. Everyone is simply trying to stay alive, hoping a solution will come.

King Kong: This is a modern day remake of the 1933 classic. On Skull Island to shoot a film, a giant gorilla is discovered. Looking to make some money during the depression, the film crew decides to capture the monster, and take him back to New York. There they can make big money displaying the beast at shows.

Music exploded online a few years ago. Now it is time for the motion picture industry to get involved. If you love watching movies, it is well worth looking into. - 16651

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