Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hot Flicks To Download

By Ginger Holmes

In the past you had to go to a store if you wanted to rent or buy a movie. As technologies have advanced, downloading dvds from off movie download sites is becoming very common. Let's look at what you might find to watch using a movie download site.

Stuart Little: Stuart is a little mouse without a home. When he is taken in and adopted by a family with the last name of Little, he becomes Stuart Little. He then starts a new with his new found friends. This includes dealing with his rival Snowball, the family cat.

Oceans Eleven: Fresh out of jail, Danny Ocean is ready for action. He plans to rob the casinos in Las Vegas. He puts together a brilliant team that will total eleven. Will this daring attempt work, and make the team all millionaires? Time will tell.

Rush Hour: The daughter of a Chinese diplomat has been kidnapped. The diplomat sends in Hong Kong detective Lee (Jackie Chan). He winds up joining forces with off beat L.A.P.D. cop Carter. With the F.B.I. botching the investigation, this rag tag pair comes in to save the day.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Wealthy and elite, Lara Croft is also a treasure hunter. She is looking for one of the worlds ultimate treasure, two halves of an ancient buried artifact. A secret society is also seeking these relics, because of the incredible power the owner will have. Can Lara find the relics first, and keep them from the hands of this secret society?

Lethal Weapon 4: Martin (Mel Gibson) and Roger (Danny Glover) are back in action, dealing with crime in Los Angeles. This time they are after counterfeiters. They are up against a Chinese martial arts master.

The Sixth Sense: Youngster Cole Sear has a gift, or curse. He claims that he can see dead people. He confides in child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. As we go deeper into the events of these two people, it becomes unclear who is a ghost, and who is real.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: It is the year 1999, and Dr. Evil has just returned from space and is plotting new apocalyptic schemes. Making matters worse, he has traveled back in time and stole Austin Powers mojo. Austin must go back to the sixties, find his mojo, and return to defeat Dr. Evil.

The Matrix: Neo feels that something isnt right in his world. When he is brought before the infamous Morpheus he is shown things that are hard to believe. He is given a choice, take the red pill and wake up in his old life, remembering nothing, or take the blue pill and be exposed to what is really going on in this world. He takes the blue, and away we go.

The Blair Witch Project: Three students go the Black Hills in Maryland to investigate a myth, the Blair Witch myth. The problem is that they never return. One year later, the film documenting their story is found, and the last terrifying hour is revealed.

We saw an explosion in the music business online a few years ago. With improvements in internet speeds, and other advancements, it is now possible for movies to be downloaded as readily as music. Movie downloads just might be the wave of the future. - 16651

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