Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Florida Festival Know-How

By Carry Coleman

Finding a better opportunity for your craft to be exposed to the world? Looking for a venue to showcase your art? Searching for a good niche or a good market? Ever just wanted to be prepared for the whole year so that no festivals will get past your guard?

Florida Fairs and Festivals seems to have answered a lot of my concerns when it came to dealing festivals, crafts, bazaars and events that had to do with art, food, and everything that has to do with exhibits and such.

Before anything else, the site offers a good deal in the form of a trial membership. It's 99 cents for the trial membership, 3 days. But you basically get everything the regular members get with their membership. Being a member entitles you access to their comprehensive database of events. This includes all pertinent information regarding the events, like names, dates, location, types of events and something specific, even like what types of vendors or exhibits do they accept and allow.

The site gives the information out in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-access format. This can save you LOTS, and I mean, LOTS of time going over pages and pages of directories just to have a little bit of an idea of what, when and where an event would be, disregarding what it is and what they will allow.

You get comprehensive information on things like booth fees, deadlines for applications and all possible general information. It's like a mini-kit for everyone who has the motivation to take their craft and hobby seriously. And make money with it.

Florida Fairs and Festivals not only includes shows and opportunities that exhibit your interests and hobbies, but also events that "could" make good use for you. Places like the local baseball park where food is sure to be a hit. There is a pretty good thought in "thinking outside of the box". - 16651

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