Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is the Dead Sea?

By Dana Evron

The dead sea has many names that describe the many things that are so special about it. This is the saltiest lake in the world and people like to visit there mainly to relax and kick back.

Among the many facts that make the dead sea so unique it is also the lowest points in the world and there are 7 million tons of water that evaporate on a daily basis however the minerals in the dead sea still remain.

Floating in the Dead sea is one thing that makes this place so unusual and people always enjoy that experience.

People don't really swim in the Dead Sea, they usually just go there to relax and stay afloat. The important thing is to try and avoid getting water into your eyes because with so much salt in it, it will definitely sting.

The main reason for the slow disappearance of the Dead Sea is the diversion of incoming water. The Dead Seas sea level continues to drop every day which makes scientist believe that by the year 2050 the Dead Sea will disappear.

The main fear is that this will change the Dead Seas characteristics and unique texture. However, the Dead Sea might never disappear because evaporation slows down as the surface area decreases and the salt levels increases.

The minerals and salts only found in the Dead Sea are been used to heal and improve many skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. The water contains 21 minerals and 12 of them can not be found in any other sea or ocean.

The salts are great as exfoliates and the rich and thick Dead Sea mud is perfect to heal any type of skin, to nourish it and moisturize all at the same time. - 16651

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