Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lens Cleaner

By Charlie Reese

Digital cameras are very popular, as are hand held video recorders. This means that there are people out there wondering how to keep their lens clean. Though it might seem like a minor thing, you cant take great shots of anything if you have dirt on your lens.

You can get a lens cleaner, but you do have to be careful about what you buy and how you use them. Some lenses are more sensitive than others, but they should all be treated as if they are fragile in order to care for them properly.

Some cameras have a lens that seems to resist dust. Others have a lens that can have dust on it and it does not seem to affect the pictures. However, bigger lenses might have a problem with the tiniest amount of dirt. If you have ever taken a picture only find it seems to be unclear, or there appears to be something there that should not be there, it might be time to invest in some lens cleaner. Most cameras will have directions about cleaning the lens, but other times you might be on your own.

Some lens cleaner comes in a spray, but I would not recommend that for anyone who knows nothing about cameras. It is far too easy to spray too much. You should never spray it on the lens anyway. It should be applied to a cloth that is then used to clean the lens. This stops the lens cleaner from leaking into other parts of the camera. That could easily destroy a camera. There are lens cloths that come with the cleaner on them already, and they are great for just about anyone who needs to clean the lens on any item. They are also great for delicate computer screens as well.

When using lens cleaner, make sure you have a good lens cloth. The cloth should be soft and should not scratch glass. It might seem that any type of cloth would not scratch glass, but that is just not true. Some types of cloth are very rough, and they will scratch a lens instead of cleaning it. It is important that you buy lens cloth that is marked as such, and never use anything else to apply lens cleaner, even paper towels. They can be worse than cloth when it comes to cleaning lenses. If you cant seem to find the right thing, make sure you get something that is safe to use on glasses. - 16651

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