Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Best Subject in Photography

By Jake Sanders

Whats the best subject in Photography? Many have been searching for the right answer without realizing it lies within the individual senses, the things that motivate the seeing, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. It all depends on the interpretation of the photographer and what techniques he'll be using to send a message to his audience that will categorize the works as the "best" subject in photography.

Ask yourself (or rather your eyes): What do you want to see? There's a saying that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" therefore you alone can determine beauty. I know ideas starts to pop into your minds right now but let me share to you some of the best and simple subjects I have experimented (with astonishing results) that you might want to tackle one of these days:

1. Countryside

The subject of being free and greenery is universal. People find them attractive because the image gives them the illusion of sitting through that moment when the picture was captured and a split-second escape of their current place. The more natural your image looks the more it is inviting to the audience. Capture that lush green grasses and trees, how fluffy the nonchalant clouds under the blue wide sky, or even the nightingale sitting atop the cow. Also, try to stray away from the generic angle or position. Why not capture the shots while youre lying in the ground to make the view out of the ordinary?

2. Food

Now this one is for the photographer who wants an automatic head turn towards his work. In order for our system to work, fuel is needed and therefore food has an automatic magnetism for the five senses. Regardless of Race, Sex, or Age the subject of food for a photograph never misses. One thing you can do to standout is to put extra emphasis on the texture, color, and how real the food could get when presented in the pictures.

3. Children

Who can resist the innocent smile of a little baby girl? And a chubby little boy in his first school uniform and hat? Some might but most people turn soft by the image of a child. It takes them back, make them smile and imagine themselves in that care-free period of their lives. Even young animals like the puppy, kitten, or ducklings have the same charisma for the viewers. Remember to capture the shots without the subjects awareness because capturing their natural smile and behavior will make your photographs a stand-out in the sea of baby pictures.

4. Waterfalls, Streams, and the Beach

The image of the flowing water refreshes the eye which is why you see lots of PC screens emblazoned with wallpapers or screensavers of flowing water, the lake, beach, and even underwater scenes like the aquarium. If you want to excel in this subject then prepare to get wet; literally, because, sometimes the amazing shots are those captured from a closer view (make sure the camera you choose has water-repelling technologies and the likes). - 16651

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