Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desk pad calendars; inexpensive and effective advertising

By Chritopher Higgins

Advertising is all about timing, your message needs to be in front of the prospect at the time they need your product, otherwise its very likely to be ignored; that makes it expensive. Advertising over and over, no matter what the medium can get very costly; are there other cheaper ways to keep your message in front of clients and prospects each and every day?

Desk pad calendars are a great, inexpensive way to keep your company name and contact information in front of potential buyers each and every day.

Advertising is only effective if you can get it in front of the right people and keep it in front of those people. How can you find a way to keep your message in front of the right people day after day, week after week with our spending a fortune, a desk pad calendar is the perfect tool. If you give your target audience an attractive desk pad calendar not only will they use it but they'll happily keep it on their desk all year long.

Consumer electronics companies use expensive advertising all the time from television to radio, to full color pull outs in the Sunday paper. Why are they spending so much and doing it so often, they want to be there when you, or your neighbor, or your cousin decide it's time to buy what they have to offer.

As a B2B supplier how can you keep your message in front of clients and prospects all the time to make sure that when they need what you offer your name and contact information is right there in front of them. A desk pad calendar is the perfect solution.

Give your buyers something they will use and appreciate with the added benefit that it secures a spot on their desk for your advertisement and unique message. A desk pad calendar imprinted with your brand and contact information is one of the few ways to guarantee that your message is seen by the buyers you target each and every day of the year.

A desk pad calendar could well be the most inexpensive way to ensure multiple impressions of your message to targeted buyers. You create brand awareness when targeted buyers see your brand over and over again. When you realize that a desk pad calendar is something buyers will look at over and over day after day you understand how a desk pad calendar is one of the lowest cost ways available to promote your brand. - 16651

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