Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Definitive Marisa Tomei Biography

By Jaques McCloud

Marisa Tomei is 100% amazing. That is perfectly obvious to anyone with eyes in their head. As hard as it is to not care about anything except Marisas hot body and exotic face, you have to realize that there is a lot more going on with her than just that. Her body is great indeed, so lets go deep inside her life a bit.

Right now, however, I want to talk a bit about the woman before we get into all of her sexiness. I promise that you will appreciate all the goodies that much more once you learn a little bit about the woman! That said, this is the Marisa Tomei biography that you crave!

Very hard to digest but believe it or not, Marisa Tomei was born back in December of 1964. For a woman in to her 40s, she is quite exceptional! Im sure I dont have to tell you what your eyes can see though. She was birthed in NY to a lawyer named Gary and a teacher named Patricia. What is on my mind is wondering if they had any idea that their union would yield such an incredible beast of a woman. I doubt it!

For one, I am extremely glad that they did. Could you imagine a world in which a hottie like Marisa Tomei did not exist? I could not! Marisa got her education at Edward Murrow High School. Once she was there is when she caught the urge to get into acting. After she graduated, she would further her education at NYU. This is when she would land her first role. It was in a soap opera.

This is when her career really took off into the stratosphere. She would then get plenty of roles. The first thing that I really can say I saw Marisa in was My Cousin Vinny with Danny Devito. I really didnt enjoy that movie too much. The only reason is really because we never saw Marisa Tomei nude in it.

As a matter of fact, not much time would be pass before we'd ever get to see Marisa Tomei nude video or pictures from the big screen. This would be be in 1993 to be exact. Funny how some celebs take so long to bare their goodies and all for the cameras, huh? Not Marisa. She couldn't wait to get busy! Oh well, I'm just glad she went for it and has been doing it since then!

You wouldnt have much of a Marisa Tomei biography if I left out the movies! To say that Marisa has accomplished a lot in her career is very much an understatement. Since debuting in the soap opera that she did, she has been in over 50 big movies. That doesnt even include the numerous amount of films that she has done just for the television. She has also appeared in a bunch of sitcoms.

No doubt about it, Marisa Tomei is about as hot as it gets! There really is none hotter if you ask me. You may wonder who gets the opportunity to get personal with her. She dated Roberty Downey Jr. back in the 90s. Currently, shes allowing Logan Marshal Green the pleasure. - 16651

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