Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What the World Needs Now Is More Entrepreneurs

By Paul Harvey

Contemplating going into business for yourself? The rewards can be definitely worth it. You won't have to worry about answering to a boss or following company requirements. You choose when and where you work, the time you spend with family, and as much time off as you choose. You will never be turned down for a pay raise as you decide how much or how little you make.

People often daydream about being in business for themselves because that way of life is exciting to them. But the real truth is it takes hard work and determination to succeed in business.

Not having to answer to anyone you decide when you work and when you play. But a dedicated entrepreneur will work even when the temptation to join others in play is overwhelming. They know the success of their business is dependent on their time and dedication they give to it.

Entrepreneurs can fixate on what they want to accomplish in their business and make it happen. Their business is as great a love as their hobbies and other interests. Putting in long hours in the beginning of their business only makes sense if they are to fulfill their goals.

Prosperous entrepreneurs often see work and play as the same. They work long hours daily and tend to forget about their personal needs as they complete the necessary tasks of the business.

If you think that an entrepreneur is nothing more than an unemployed hope-to-get-rich-someday wannabe. Then you are sadly mistaken. They are risk takers yes but not careless decision makers. They are not willing to foolishly spend unnecessary money, time, or dedication to anything that points to definite loss.

Entrepreneurs have no fear of failure as their desire to succeed is much greater. Even if they experience a business failure they quickly move on to the next enterprise. They have often experienced many failures and defeats in their life but have no time to feel sorry for themselves. You might tend to judge an entrepreneur as a greedy person only thinking of money. But they have a much broader focus that goes beyond themselves. The more money they generate the more they can contribute to other causes and people. Besides the luxuries they get to keep and enjoy for their hard work, they are making a difference in the world.

The majority of people are lazy they go to work , pick up their paycheck and then plop in front of the TV or some game console. They are only concerned with themselves. Daily they grip about their jobs and think about their pie-in-the-sky life they wish they could have. To the entrepreneur this is a waste of time and foolishness to just wish and hope with no action to support it. They are far from selfish and their generosity with their money, time, commitment is truly an understatement. Do you desire to be an entrepreneur? Can you commit to changing the lives of others and the responsibilities that come with that sacrifice? Then you will be rewarded beyond what you ever thought possible. So roll up your sleeves and get ready for hard work and a lot of compensation in return. - 16651

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