Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top 10 Ways to Support Your Child's Sports Team

By Jennifer Dumas

Whether you understand the game or not, you can be your child's biggest fan! Here are a few simple tips to show your child their activities are important to you..

1. Mom Pay Attention To Me! As toddlers they demand your attention, but as youths they need your attention. Show them you care by watching. Even if you do not understand the game, you can follow the ques of the other parents. When they cheer you should too!

2. Before the game, give your child a "pep talk". Try using phases like, "You can do it!", "Give it 150%!", or "I'll be cheering for you!"

3. Proudly wear your child's team colors.

4. Make clothing or order clothing online that supports your child's team. You can find "sports mom" clothing online that is made to order with your child's name, sport, and team name.

5. When going to a game, paint your child's team name, their name and number on your car windows.

6. Have the necessary equipment for your child to practice at home. Ask them to teach you how to play.

7. Get to know the other parents. Plan activites with the families of the other children on your child's sports team. This builds lasting relationships with families that have similar values and interests.

8. Cheer for your child! Invest in pom poms, a bull horn or a cow bell.

9. Support your child's team though fundraising, throwing team parties and providing snacks.

10. Adopt a "win or lose, I will always be proud of you" attitude. Sports are about building self esteem, learning to work as a team, and physical fitness. Try to give only "compliments" after a game and save the "concerns" for practices.

Each game is a learning experience. Ask what "plays" made the team successful and help your child determine what winning practices they can make part of every game. On the flip side, use an open ended question like, "What would you do differently next time. - 16651

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