Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zune Country Music Downloads at

By Davion W

Anybody who loves country music and who happens to own a zune device at the same time will most likely desire to gain access to unlimited zune country music downloads.

The best site where you can download country music to zune without limit is, a site where you can literally say goodbye to per-download fees. offers its customers a wide range of files (95 million, in fact) for download for a minimal fee of only $39.00.

There are two other membership plans you can go for besides the one-time payment plan. You can have the option to pay annually or every two years, but then this could be more expensive in the long run especially if you are going to renew your membership at the end of your term. For all its membership plans, also offers a money back guarantee.

There are many types of files you can download to your device, not just country music. Audio books, games, screen savers, videos, movies, and so on, can be installed to your computer and then you can transfer the files to your zune.

You cannot make a direct download of country music to zune device. This kind of service is not yet available. What you can do then, after you have duly paid the membership fee, that is, is to download the software to your PC and then choose the song that you want, and download it to your hard drive. Then connect your zune device to your PC and copy the country music file from your PC to your zune. It really doesn't take a genius to be able to do this.

You can download country music to zune from other sites as well. Then again, you have to be careful especially with free sites because most of these sites have viruses and spyware applications that come when downloading country music to zune. When these viruses invade your computer, your computer can crash and you will need to have it repaired.

The better alternative is to look for paid sites. Paid sites are legitimate and virus-free. Nonetheless, choosing the best paid site is essential as each one differs from the other when it comes to quality of sound and images, speed of downloads, registration fees and technical support.

Using your zune device to listen to your favorite country music is definitely a great experience. Find out how you can grow your collection with zune country music downloads by taking a look at my site. - 16651

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