Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Want To Watch Internet TV

By Billy Jean

The TV industry has seen constant growth over the years. Not only one of the main recreational pastimes worldwide, it is also a key communication medium for our modern society. Different forms of TV transmission are available to viewers, with terrestrial broadcasts still leading the race. Alternatives such as cable and satellite broadcasts have shown themselves to be viable, but limited in their application. The future of TV surely belongs to the internet however, and this new medium is fast gaining in popularity and appeal.

A quick look at the benefits of internet based TV programming points to a simple conclusion. The internet is the ideal medium to broadcast TV programming and the de facto will soon be to watch TV on PC networks. Various forms of IP based TV broadcasting are growing in popularity daily. Broadcast over the internet, programming is viewed on our home computers. Offered as a paid service, there is an activation fee involved. The tend industry wide however, is for a small one-time fee. A number of package levels are available, with the top of the range services still coming in at less then $50 one-time fees. Compared to the monthly subscriptions for cable or satellite for example, its a huge saving in costs.

Control of the TV industry has been in the hands of major networks for a number of years. This is due to change as the emergence of internet TV as a viable option gives consumers a new alternative to turn to. Consumers dissatisfied with their existing TV service can now choose to watch TV on PC systems. Tick off the features on offer and internet TV platforms emerge as the clear winner in comparisons with satellite or cable systems.

Even the most basic packages offer a full refund guarantee on the service, across the board genres with virtually unlimited programs available worldwide and for immediate download. Signing-up is a simple matter of making the necessary payment and downloading the software enabling access to the service. To install the software is childs play and then the system is up and running. Unlimited TV and no more charges ever.

The new platforms are all the rage and TV viewers who have made the switch swear by their choice. Never again expensive upgrades or retrofits. All that the system needs to run is a PC and an internet connection and the majority of homes already have these available. For homes with multiple PCs, TV programs can be broadcast on all the computers, providing these are in a network. Factor in wireless routers and laptops and you end up with the ultimate in portable, mobile TV programming. With so many features and such a low cost, its no wonder people choose to watch TV on PC systems. - 16651

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