Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movies And Music Can Be Downloaded

By James Maron

It wasn't that long ago that a trip to the corner video shop was the most convenient way to get a movie. You can now save a trip to the video store and download movies right off the internet. Here are some examples of movies you can acquire through a movie download site.

The Dark Knight: Batman is determined to clean up the streets of Gotham City. With the help of D.A. Harvey Dent and Lt. Jim Gordon, things are going very well, until a new threat descends upon the city. The criminal psychopath named The Joker is now unleashing his devilish plans on Gotham City. Can Batman stop him?

Tombstone: Lawman Wyatt Earp is ready to retire. He has successfully cleaned up the streets of Dodge City, and moves to Tombstone. There he meets up with his brothers, and longtime friend Doc Holiday. With a band of outlaws, called The Cowboys, are running wild in the region. This sets up the infamous shoot out at the OK Coral.

Mamma Mia: Sophie is about to get married. Her single mom has invited her two best lifelong friends to the wedding. Sophie has invited three men from her mothers past, hoping to find her father, and have him walk her down the aisle. Old romances are reborn during the chaotic day before the wedding.

Hancock: This story is of a super hero with an attitude problem. While Hancock saves the city, people still hate him because of his bad attitude. That is until he runs into Ray Embrey, a P.R. executive who gives Hancock a P.R. makeover.

The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner has been strangely affected from being exposed to gamma rays. He is unstable, and when threatened or angered, he turns into the Hulk, a strong and over powering creature. General Ross, and the military want capture him and harness the power he possesses. Bruce just wants to find a cure, so he can return to his normal life.

Waynes World: Wayne and Garth have their own TV show on public access television. Their show is spotted by TV exec Ben Oliver and Wayne Garth who are moving up in the world. Wayne is now falling in love, and they abandon the show to follow his new love in her career as a rock star.

Basic Instinct: Detective Nick Curren is investigating a murder. Sexy and famous author Catherine Tramell is becoming a prime suspect. She lures him into a torrid love affair. Now he struggles to resolve her guilt or innocence in the case.

Madagascar: Escape From Africa: Trying to get back to New York, our four animal friends get lost again. This time they visit their ancestral homeland of Africa. Now they must decide, do they want to stay in Africa, or return to the only home they have ever known, The Central Park Zoo.

Patriot Games: Retired CIA analyst Jack Ryan is vacationing in England when, by complete chance, he finds himself saving a significant member of the Royal Family from an assassination attempt. In the process Jack kills one of the key terrorists younger brothers. Now this faction of the IRA is out to get Jack and his family. Jack Ryan is now out of retirement.

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