Thursday, February 12, 2009

6 Ways To Improve Conversions Using Google Adwords

By Donald D. Davis

Are you new in the pay-per-click advertising business? Do you know the best ways in reaching out to your intended market? If you are a beginner, chances are, these questions sound somewhat complicated. And even with the assumption that you understand your target's information needs, there is no guarantee that they will instantly take action on your product or service offered. But you can get high quality, first rate traffic to your website and increase your campaign's conversion rates with six effective ways that will be discussed here.

Perry Marshall, Google Adwords pioneer and guru suggests maximizing Google Adwords by assessing various ads. Identifying keywords that convert becomes possible through innovative research techniques and writing effective ads that create impact to the readers.

Improve conversions using Google Adwords with these six more ways:

1. Use the 'dynamic keyword' feature to let Google write your headline. If you're not sure how to write your headline, or what keywords to use, select the 'Dynamic Keywords' feature when writing your add where Google will place the search term your visitor type din the search box as the headline. This ad may stand out to a reader who typed in that particular word or phrase, instantly making the ad more 'relevant' to them.

2. Only change one word when testing ads against each other. Perry Marshall encourages everyone to split test ads to track conversions and then pick the most effective ad after the trial period. However, the only way you'll really know what is working is by making very minor edits or modifications to your first ad. Try changing just one word in the headline or keyword in the body copy to find out what really 'clicks' with your viewers.

3. Avoid running your ads on the content network right away. This feature does not guarantee the immediate generation of your desired traffic for your ads. Hence, it is advisable to turn this feature off and instead take note of the basic search results pages.

4. Utilize the Geographic targeting feature. This makes it easier for you to link to your target market's location. Most prefer market at the micro level rather than national or international. That said, it is wiser to filter your Adwords reach if you want to effectively advertise your products or services.

5. Don't use 'www' in your URL link. You don't have to use the 'www' for the link URL, so you can save those extra characters for your website extension instead. This looks better visually, and may encourage more clicks because people will get a fair idea of what they are clicking to when they click on the ad. Just make sure that the link does in fact go to a landing page or sales page so you can make that sale or capture the lead within a few clicks.

6. Capitalize the first letters throughout the ad. The headline is one of the most important parts of your Google Adwords ad, so make sure it is easy to read and each word begins with upper case letters. You can also capitalize the letters of the ad copy and your URL link for visual appeal and a more professional look. - 16651

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