Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Appear slim in plus size clothes

By Foong

Large tent-like clothing should never be the only clothes you want to wear if you have a plus size figure. Shapeless cavernous plus size clothing should be discarded and not worn to hide your curves. You may not have a model's figure but that does not mean that you don't have assets that you can be proud of.

Therefore, you should actually show off your assets with suitable plus size dresses that could only flatter your figure. You should really go shopping for plus size clothing that suits your figure and get the right type of outfit to showcase your assets. If you are getting a pair of plus size shorts, then always strive to get ones that suits your figure and flaunt your assets so that you could wow people in your new wardrobe.

Can you really look slimmer even in plus size clothes, including plus size swimsuits? Definitely. There are quite a few plus size fashion tips you should stick to in order to look really great and shine. The one big secret is not to hide your figure. Flaunt your assets. Here are three useful tips:

1. If you want to emphasize your upper body, maybe you have a very nice cleavage, then you should wear supportive plus size bras and wear blouses that have scoop neck, V-neck and plunging necklines to show off your cleavage. This way, you draw attention to where you want it and away from other areas where you don't want attention.

2. Go for simple cuts, clear patterns and avoid loud, garish, bright patterns - the simpler your outfit the better. This is because it creates a smoother outline and the illusion of length and slenderness too. Loud garish patterns will only serve to make you appear short, stout and bigger than you actually are.

3. Wear your size - many people tend to go for bigger size, thinking it is better for it to be roomier. Remember the tip about getting rid of oversize clothing? Yes, you must definitely wear your exact size, not bigger and definitely not smaller. Only clothes that fit perfectly will look perfect. - 16651

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