Saturday, February 14, 2009

Are Men's Suits Recession Proof?

By Victor Santerino

Eight centuries of suit wear and this garment is still popular. Throughout the years men have worn this suit to give them a social advantage over unsuited men. They wear suits in an effort to look more dependable, trustworthy, well cultured, and enlightened.

Throughout the last few decades the suit has lost some of its splendor and as a result some of its sales. Many companies have switched over to business casual and other less polished work uniforms. This will be reversed in the next few year, and its all because of the recession.

First, we will see that many men will increase the quality of their wardrobe to be noticed by their employers favorably. These men will wear suits in the hope that when the axe comes falling it will be on their peers and not them.

Next you will have the companies that scale back expansion, with a new set of finely dressed men. These men will not be trying to distinguish themselves to keep from being fired, but to make themselves more noticeable for the fewer and fewer job promotions.

Following these two scenarios will bring men buying or dusting off old suits to take with them on their new job interview. People that have lost jobs at their business casual workplace will now have to dress up again in an attempt to find new jobs.

Sadly, you will also notice people that do not have jobs and cannot get them wearing suits. These men will wear suits in an attempt to appear as though they have a job. They will wake up in the morning and don their suit to feel important again.

Suit businesses and manufacturers are struggling to stay in business at the moment. Many factories and retail stores are shutting down. However, this is going to change over the next year and the price of suits will go back up.

The increase in the suit market will be great for sartorial fans and suit companies alike. If your thinking about buying a new suit I would suggest you do it now before the prices start to go back up again.

Remember to consider the consequences of a recession on any given market that you may be a consumer in. Keeping an eye out for price increases is a great way to both save and make money. - 16651

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