Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Creates a Green Contribution

By Patrick Mahoney

The nature of our society has always been to explore the unknown, discover new and better ways and to utilize our natural resources to improve our lives. Every generation surpasses the last with ingenuity and developments that were not even imagined by our ancestors. It has always been a great learning experience and today we face another challenge. Our forests and land are beginning to dissipate from continuous use of our planet's generous gifts and our misconception that there will always be more. A change must take place and they are doing just that in the modern furniture field.

An eight year young company based in Los Angeles started out as a mass producer of limited-edition furniture but had the foresight to realize that we are living in a world of waste. This prompted Orange22 to think about introducing a new form of unique furnishings, stamped with the mark of international artists and designers and benefiting the world at the same time. Protecting our natural resources and helping mankind is what Blank Canvas Project is all about.

Leading Orange22 into a new society is a dedicated staff that have been challenged by using the ingenuity and creativity that they are known for. Armed with only their skills, providing solutions for traditional furnishings without harming the environment is a large feat in itself but these artists are going one step further. Fighting problems of social plight, such as cancer, AIDS and other worldwide problems are dreams that they have chosen to tackle.

To date, Orange22 has created an initial line of Botanist furniture, known as the Botanist Blank Canvas Project. A dynamic team of designers were hand picked by Dario Antonioni, Founder and Creative Director of Orange22, to leave their artistic mark on three pieces of furniture, a bench, coffee table and end table of the Blank Canvas Series. Each designer, together with Orange22, donates a portion of the royalty to a charity or foundation of their choice.

Such recognized names as Massimo and Lella Vignelli, Milton Glaser and Clause Zellweger leave their individualized signature on each piece offered. Owning a work of art by these greats is not only desirable but functional, as well. Sturdy, lightweight, and environmentally friendly, the bench, coffee table or end table can grace a furniture grouping or stand alone in any home or office.

Dario hopes that his doctrine of utilizing collaboration to create positive change will resonate beyond the design community, modern furniture, and ultimately help to affect and inspire the greater global community. Orange22 has plans for Botanist in the future, as well. Antonioni is currently working on a book called A Decade of Botanist: A Philanthropic Product, 80 designers and 80 foundations and how we've helped change the world. - 16651

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