Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Basic of Animation

By Dennis Durrel

Cartoons are on every day, and the Walt Disney corporation has created an empire with it. animation is an art form that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Animation is in actual fact a series of images that have been produced by an artist and are speedily presented together. This show can produce an illusion that the image is running. This is due mostly to the slight differences in each picture.

There are several different styles of animation. Cell animation is perhaps the most traditionally well-known style of animation.

This style has been used to make the animated films that we are familiar with. In this style of animation, the animator will draw on paper and each photograph is drawn to be slightly different from the one before it.

The cartoons are then copied onto a transparency plus some other artist colors the picture. These are then photographed one at a time, and then the film is connected and run at a higher acceleration to make the images appear to be moving.

Stop motion animation has also been applied over the years. By this type of animation, the animator physically moves the objects for every image. Probably one of the most popular movies that uses stop motion animation is Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas. Through this motion picture, the art of stop motion animation was actually recognized for what it be able to get.

Maybe one of the greatest development in animation has been the evolution of computer animation. With this medium the artist uses a computer to digitally produce the images that they are going to put together to produce the film or television show. - 16651

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