Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Biggest Hits To Download

By Theresa Timmerts

Today, many of us get movie rentals all the time. Often they wait for the DVD to come out, in lieu of watching films at the movie theaters. Here is a short list of some of most heavily rented DVD's in Oct. 2008.

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: The Indiana Jones movies are back, after a 19 year hiatus. This is the fourth movie about the adventures of Indiana Jones. In this episode Indiana is pitted against post war Soviets. The Soviets are looking for some South American relics, and the secrets they carry.

THE LAZARUS PROJECT: Former criminal Ben Garvey has turned his life completely around. With a stable home, and a good job, he seems to have found a better life. Then, he gets fired from his job, and he goes back to his old criminal ways. People are killed, and he will pay with his life. He fully expects to be killed by lethal injection. To his surprise he wakes up bewildered and in a mental hospital. Now its all on the line, his sanity, and his spiritual well being.

LINEWATCH: Mr. Michael Dixon is a well seasoned boarder agent in New Mexico, and life seems to be good. Eventually, his past is going to threaten his future. He was a member of the violent L.A. gang scene, but he had the courage to leave. When a chance meeting exposes his whereabouts to his old gang leader, he and his family are in great danger. He must risk his future, and help gang leader drake gat a large supply of drugs into the U.S.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the story of Military scientist Dr. Bruce Banner, who has become the Incredible Hulk because of being hit by gamma rays. This film tells of the comic legend, the Hulk. This movie stars Edward Norton, Tim Roth, William hurt, and Liz Tyler. This film is directed by Louis Leterrier. The film genre is sci-fi action.

DECEPTION: Accountant Jonathan McQuarry has a surprising meeting with hof shof lawyer Wyatt Bose. This chance meeting is one that changes his life forever. John is exposed to "The List", which offers a secret world of sexual indiscretions. However, he also finds himself in a world of corruption, treason and murder.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: Searching for his missing brother, a science professor goes on a mission that sends him into the depths of our planet. This is another version of the 1959 production, which was about the classic novel by Jules Verne. Cast includes Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutchinson, Anita Briem, and Seth Myers.

THE HAPPENING: Science teacher Elliot Moore, along with his wife and some friends are getting away from the big city. Their city has been thrown into chaos. Many people are being overcome by some strange illness, and are committing suicide. Will mankind solve this dilemma, or are we witnessing the final acts of humans on Earth?

IRON MAN: Playboy, engineer genius, Tony Stark is attacked and taken by Afghan insurgents. They command him to build weapons for the insurgent group. He suffered a bad injury when he was abducted, and has shrapnel stuck in his chest. To save his life from this injury, and get away from the rebels, he develops a suit of armor, which makes him virtually invincible. We have a new comic book super hero on the scene.

SPEED RACER: The 1990's television cartoon gets real actors. Just like The Flinstones, Speed Racer turns a cartoon into a movie with real actors. Speed Racer is a young man who loves racing. His goal is to win The Crucible, a major rally car race that had cost his brother his life. Against all odds, and the future of the family business at risk, Speed Racer partners up with his former adversary Racer X, in an effort to capture the championship, and save the family business.

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