Saturday, February 7, 2009

Business Opportunity Marketing Secrets - Recruit More Today

By Kylon Trower

This may just blow your mind when you realize what most people don't understand about marketing their business opportunity. Being a part of many social networks has given me a front row seat to what NOT to do if you want to promote your business with any success. I see what I call the "Show up and throw up" approach far to much on the internet these days.

The overwhelming number of emails and spam I receive from new marketers amazes me. The first rule I teach is the importance of building trust. This simple lesson is the basis for all business whether it's a small purchase or a multi-million dollar transaction.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question? Would you do business with a person you had no trust or rapport with? I'm sure you answered NO. I look at business partnerships like a marriage and your business opportunity marketing is very much like courtship (dating for you younger folk).

Now listen up closely because I'm going to give you the key to long term success in your building your business. Think of your business opportunity like inheriting a small fortune from a long lost cousin. Starting a date by sharing this information wouldn't be appropriate, would it? Of course not!

Now you might find a person that's greedy or self indulgent that would jump at the opportunity to tie the knot based on your wealth. Unfortunately, that's not the person you want to marry if you have any hopes of a having a lasting and meaningful relationship.

Here's the secret to business opportunity marketing success. Lead with YOU. Your personality, your likes, your beliefs, your dreams. These are things that will allow your prospect to get to know and become attracted to YOU.

Once you have attracted them, now you have the control to decide if they are right for your business. Getting hitched on the first date is a recipe for a failed business partnership. Using attraction marketing principles when marketing your business opportunity is the recipe for massive success.

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