Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buyers Guide for Custom Printed Jackets

By Wes Robertsen

Imprinted coats are a nice form of marketing, advertising, and branding. Jackets are as creative as they are useful. Not only is a corporate logo jacket a useful way to show off your company's name and logo, but its also a useful way to show employees that you care and customers that your company appreciates their continued support. If you want to invest in a item that will get the word out about your business, then you should definitely consider customizable jackets. Order custom printed jackets, they are really the gift that people want.

Everyone from political candidates to companies can use a corporate logo jacket to promote their name. Name recognition is a big part of business. A corporate logo jacket, when worn, is going to be seen. So, it is a walking billboard. Not only will family and friends see these coats and outwear but so will every person from the people at the post office to those passing individuals on the street.

If your recipients are in sunny Miami you might want to go with windbreakers rather than ski jackets. You need your products to be as functional as feasible so that people will want to wear them often. A custom printed coat is only as good as the desire to wear them. Thus, think about the feel and style of any custom logo jacket you want to buy.

We all know, giving the gift of a useful custom printed jacket is a great way to boost a company morale and to show your customers you appreciate them. Custom Printed jackets for your employees will really help increase loyalty.

When its time to get a promotional jacket, think about price, quality, and the imprinting. Logos, slogans, and a organizations name can all be custom printed or embroidered on a jacket. Additionally, be sure you know about every cost before ordering: you might have to pay extra for set-up costs, and shipping. Imprinting costs can vary, if your artwork is not vector or high resolution art, you might need to pay a fee to have an artist redraw it, so it is ready for the imprinting process. If silkscreening your logo, multiple colors will increase the price by each color. Embroidery requires digitizing your artwork for the machine to stitch it out, this can add to the cost, but you can reuse the digitizing later. More than one location usually will increase the price in order to have the factory work on more than a single area.

So, if you want to make a name for yourself, investing in imprinted coats is a perfect way to go. Your custom logo coat gets seen by others, and the wearee will appreciate you for it. An added benefit could be that your customizable coat causes a conversation about your products and services. - 16651

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