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Clara's Films To Watch Online

By jessicarnold kibo

I have made a short list of movie hits for 2008. This list consists of the motion pictures I found entertaining in this years crop. Hopefully you will see a picture or two that are worth watching.

TWENTY ONE: Twenty One basically recounts an amazing true story of young college kids who formed a team of blackjack players that beat the casinos. This team of blackjack players prepared and then enacted a ruthless attack on the tables. To be successfull in Las Vegas, where card counting can get you banned, they had to change casinos often, and disguise themselves, so the wouldn't get caught. This movie is based on the best selling book that tells how the M.I.T. teams made millions playing blackjack.

10,000 B.C.: This movie will take you back to prehistoric times. When a warlike tribe invade the Yaghai tribe, they kidnap the beautiful Evolet. A young hunter named D'Leh, who deeply cares for Evolet, organizes a band of hunters to chase down these warmongers, and save her, and the rest of the captured tribe members.

WANTED: Wesley, an office worker going nowhere in life, learns that his long lost father is an assasin. His father is killed, and now he is being recruited into the secret society of killers that his father was a part of. He now will become the asassin that he was meant to be. After that, everything becomes very complex and twisted. Hang on to your seat.

WALL-E: This picture is an animated, comedy, adventure, sci-fi. Mankind has left Earth, since it had become a pile of rubbish. Wall-E, a trash collecting robot, is assigned to clean up the mess. When a recon bot (Eve) appears, checking for any signs of life, Walle-E has a friend. Eventually, when Eve is recovered by the craft that sent her, Wall-E sneaks aboard, and begins an exciting new life.

BOLT: Bolt: This movie is an animated comedy. The star is dog actor Bolt, who in his TV show, has superpowers. His problem is that he honestly believes he has superpowers. When he is accidently put into a real life situation, he discovers that he is just a dog. Now, trying to get back home, he is helped by a cat named Mittens, and an overweight hampster named Rhino.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: It was a wild night in Las Vegas. Young partiers Joy and Jack wake up and soon realize that they had married each other the night before. After winning a huge jackpot, the question is who should get the money, so they try to settle it in court. The strange ruling is that they must stay together for six months, and give their marriage a chance. With an eye on the jackpot, the battle is on as both want to get the money for themselves.

THE CHRONICALS OF NARNIA, PRINCE CASPIAN: It is one year later, in there "regular" lives, when Edmund, Peter, Susan, and Lucy are mysteriously pulled back into Narnia. Running for his life, Prince Caspian has blown the magin horn, in a desparate plea for help. In Narnia, 1,300 years have passed since they were Kings and Queens, but they have been called back to save Narnia from the evil Telmarines. With the help of the the bravest in the forrest, including, a dwarf, the centaurs, and a very skilled mouse, they will fight for the future of Narnia.

Jumper: Nearing death by drowning, David realizes he has an unbelievable ability. He now knows he can transport himself anywhere, anytime. He then comes to learn that he is not the only one that has this capability. After years of "jumping" around the planet, he finds out that there are those that think jumpers are a threat, and need to be eliminated. He now must battle for his life, as the hunters believe he should die.

THE DARK KNIGHT: Batman, and Lt. Gordon and D.A. Harvey Dent, are on a mission to clean up Gotham City. Crime is now down, that is until the Joker shows up, and attacks the city. Batman has his work cut out him now, as criminal mastermind, the Joker, has released an overwhelming assault on Gotham City.

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