Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Definitive Hilary Swank Biography

By Clifford Harris

I promised the best Hilary Swank biography ever, so thats exactly what youre gonna get! Hilary Ann Swank was born July 30, 1974. Her birthplace was Lincoln, Nebraska. It may be a shocker to hear, but she was raised in a very meager surrounding. When you analyze where she is now in life, it makes you very proud to see that she has come so far.

At only six years old, her family moved to a trailer park in Bellingham, WA. Her father is a former officer of the Air National Guard. Hilarys mom Judy was a secretary and a fine dancer. The dancer part must have trickled down to Hilary in a sense. Maybe this is why she is so fit and in such great shape. Hilary has one of the tightest bodies of any actress.

Believe or not, our girl Hilary was a little weird as a young child. I dont mean weird in a bad way, justweird! She said it herself, after all. What kind of Hilary Swank biography would this be if I didnt take her at her word? This probably had a lot to do with her tough childhood. She was loved very much as a young girl coming up, but it was rough for her.

I'm sure this had greatly to do with her tough childhood, although her family did have much love for her. The only time she really felt like she belonged was when she was reading a book or watching a movie on that she could really "get involved with a character. This makes me very glad some of those characters at least ended up baring all and got us a view later on of Hilary Swank nude pictures and the like. Believe me; Hilary Swank baring all is nothing less than spectacular!

Hilary's initial acting job was in The Jungle Book play for her school. She was only 9 years old when she landed this role. It's no surprise that as a young child, she was also very much into sports. You should be able to see this by glancing at her incredible body. She was into both swimming and gymnastics. She excelled very much at the latter.

After a short period of time, Hilary's mom and dad ended up getting a divorce. This made it very hard for Hilary and her mother to make due for themselves. Feeling a greater sense of financial responsibility, Hilary would later drop out of high school to help out with bills. Hilary acted full time and gave her mom the money to put toward bills.

Hilary's first big acting role came in 1994. It would be courtesy of The Next Karate Kid. That's right, ole Mr Miyagi had the task of showing Hilary Swank how to be a karate master. I can bet that he wanted to show a lot more to her though. Hilary is just that hot.

I'm sure with Mr. Miyagi being that close to the hot and sexy Hilary Swank, there's no way he didn't wanna take it past acting! I don't care how disciplined he is or whatever, he's still a man! Stay tuned in to Hilary's career. This Hilary Swank biography will not end as far as I'm concerned. - 16651

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