Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Discover What Car CD Players is

By Anne Ahira

Remember the days when if you did not own an Alpine or Pioneer system you did not have a "real" car CD player? When you were a teen what was the premium in Car CD Players?

Yeah, things have for sure changed over the years. Whilst Pioneer and Alpine are even most important contestant they are by far not the only heavy weights in the ring.

Factory Installed

There was also a time that when you purchased a vehicle your first order of business was to take out the factory stereo, toss it in the trash and install your favorite brand.

Today you will find a different story entirely. Factory car CD players are often times more sought after than some popular after market ones. Check out some of the prices for factory car CD players and stereos and you will find a lot of them are fetching a pretty penny.

Usually, the most popular car CD players are selected before you take delivery. Obviously as with a number of custom item, you will be paid for the upgrade. Still, the sound quality of a fine installation car CD player can challenging the most expensive aftermarket player.


The Kenwood DPX 502 is an example of how far Kenwood has come over the years. This car CD player indeed seems to have it all.

Onboard amplifier with 6 preset tones USB input for flash drive Optional IPod dock Plays Mp3, WMA and AAC from CD-R, CD-RW or CD ROM CD force, allows you to play special CD formats in force mode Florescent display that is easy to see even in bright sunlight


Another familiar name in the car CD player world is JVC. Though generally considered a lower end market because of price point, JVC still makes some awesome car CD players.

The JVC KWXG500 is a comparable model to the Kenwood DPX at approaching a hundred dollars less . This car CD player also has telephone mute option . Mp3 compatibility, and a remote control. For the money, it is a similar piece to the Kenwood car CD players.


Pioneer, Alpine, JVC and Kenwood all have magnificent car CD players. Make a choice among them, many times will just come down to your personal finances. With technological innovation, corporation have come a long way in creating similar quality. Take into deliberation your wants and finances when selecting your next car CD player. - 16651

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