Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DJK Google Shadow - Does it Really Work?

By Linus Rylander

Is Google Shadow going to live up to the hype? Chris has released many top selling products such as Affiliate Project X, Day Job Killer, Project Black Mask, Google Assassin and Google Nemesis -but now the pressure is on to do it again.

In this Google Shadow Review you will find out exactly what the Google Shadow is all about.

So what, or should I say who is the Google Shadow? Chris X found this guy at a recent convention and soon found out that he had been raking in $100k per month while flying under the Google radar!

Tim Houston (the Shadow) has, surprisingly, been doing all of this with NO website, no products of his own and nothing but a few little Google ads. That, making $100,000 a month? Apparently.

So Chris McNeeney from Day Job Killer managed to get this guy to spill out all of the inner workings of his secret methods for making boatloads of cash through Google Adwords.

Just to give you a quick overview, The Google Shadow Method does not require:

*Any previous experience of affiliate marketing, adwords or any online marketing.

*No struggling with creating websites - You don't even have to know the meaning of HTML.

*No wasting hours trying to please Google's Quality Score.

This method is so different from anything else you've ever seen... every campaign only uses 3 keywords! Yes, THREE.

They call the Shadow's method... "Affiliate Marketing For Those on the Inside."

But does the system really work? The direct linking method is kind of outdated and it's tough trying to do it these days. But, has Chris and the DJK team disappointed us before? With their unique twist on it, this system is really... well, unique. - 16651

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