Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Celebrities Know The Cosmic Ordering Secrets?

By Janette Stretens

As more and more people learn about cosmic ordering, more and more are looking to get involved with it. Place an order and learn to move forward!

There are so many people around the world who are getting what they consciously desire. But it doesn't work first time for everyone. Do the people who it does work for know something the others don't? Are there really cosmic ordering secrets.

Think about the last time you saw someone succeed or win big. If you were grumbling and unhappy, you were just placing your order with the cosmos! The emotions of envy and disdain at another person's success reinforces the belief that you will never be a success and that you will never get what you want. You are saying you always want to be poor and sad!

Consider going to dinner at a nice restaurant. What do you do if you see someone there with a lovely meal? You don't get angry about not having it, you just get excited and order it for yourself! You'd hope that they loved their dinner and you would be happy for themselves.

With that in mind, why not be happy at someone else's success? You'll find that you can take happiness in their success and understand that your own is just as sweet. Don't be angry or bitter or disappointed because that reinforces what you already have; you are essentially planning for failure.

Lots of world religious out there tell us that the power of prayer can get us anything we want, although we need to think about how belief fits into that. More and more scientists are finding that quantum physics is a lot like a belief system and all the evidence is pointing to religious dogma as being true.

The truth is that the application of the application of the mind's power and energy can make it happen. This is honest, simple proof.

If you are just using positive affirmations, the problem is that there is a lot that can stand in your way. Past experiences can negate your new hope, and this can get rid of a lot of the good that you are doing. Remember that while this can work, it can take time to really root out the old beliefs.

What do the cosmic ordering secrets have to do with this? Start with a through house cleaning of your mind before you move forward. Remember that it is okay to accept the gifts that the universe wants to give you and start with a clean slate.

There are many different methods that can let you start off fresh. Just like a vacuum cleaner is a better tool for removing dirt on a carpet than a small tooth brush, look around for the tools that will really suit you and that will let you get the life you want.

Look at self-hypnosis, subliminal affirmations and binaural frequency waves to help you move forward. These tools are great when it comes to helping you get the results that you want, and when you use them, you can understand your own subconscious a lot better. This will help you avoid sabotaging your own attempts at success.

Remember that we as people hate change. Your mind will fight to stay right where it is, and unless you are going to believe that you already have what you want, it will fight you tooth and nail. This is something the cosmic ordering system can help you avoid. It can even help you become less used to the state that you are in now, because it believes that you are different!

The truth is that you can get whatever you want from the cosmic ordering system. Select your order carefully and then shepherd that belief into reality! - 16651

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