Friday, February 13, 2009

Do You Know What Color Tuxedo Jacket To Wear?

By Victor Santerino

The Black tie party is something to be excited about. You will get to wear the most formal dress clothes ever created. Do you know exactly what to wear to these events?

This article will explain both the black and white dinner jackets that can be worn to traditional black tie events. After reading this article you will know when and where to wear these jackets in a traditionally appropriate way.

Black is the generic color that is acceptable to all tuxedo events. Shawl, peaked, and notched lapel models are all perfectly normal jacket styles to wear. Buttons on these tuxedos are usually restricted to two and three button models for strict formal wear.

Black bow ties and shoes are married to this jacket as well as white shirts and white pocket squares. Shirt choices will come in the form of turn down collars and wing tip collars.

The white jacket is meant for tropical climates or seasonally warm times of year. This jacket is great for black tie parties held in Caribbean locations. Its also seen frequently in black tie parties held on yachts or cruise boats.

Pocket squares are the only accessories to change color in the white tuxedo jacket outfit. All other accompaniments will stay the same color, including the pants. This really works out great for the person trying to save money.

These outfits really are easy to distinguish once you know when to wear them. Also the great thing about them is that you only have to buy one black tuxedo with a spare white tuxedo jacket since the pants for each outfit will both be black.

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