Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Download Movies Off The Internet

By Yuri Samson

I have made a sampling of movie hits for 2008. These are some of the movies that I think you might like. I hope you find a couple of movies that are worth watching.

BOLT: Bolt is an animated family comedy. Bolt is a dog actor, who in his role on television, has superpowers. His problem is that he is convinced he is this super hero dog with superpowers. When he is accidentally put into a real life situation, he discovers that he is just a dog. Now, trying to get back home, he is aided by a cat named Mittens, and an overweight hamster named Rhino.

WANTED: Wesley Gibson is about to learn that the father he never knew, is a professional killer. His father has been murdered, now Wesley is asked to join into the organization that his father was a part of. He is asked to become the assassin that that he was destined to become. From there, things get very complex and twisted. Enjoy this roller coaster ride.

THE CHRONICALS OF NARNIA, PRINCE CASPIAN: It is one year later, in "real" time, when Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are teleported back to Narnia. Prince Caspian has blown Susan's magic horn, in a desperate plea for help. 100's of years have passed since they left Narnia, but the four legendary characters have be summoned back to rescue Narnia from an evil fate. With the help of the best fighters in the Narnia, including a very brave mouse, they will fight for the future of Narnia.

Jumper: During a near death experience, David Rice (Hayden Christensen) learns something incredible. He now knows he can teleport himself anywhere, anytime. Later, he becomes aware that he is not the only one that has this skill. After he becomes used to jumping around the world, he learns that there are people that are trying to rid the world of jumpers. He must fight for his life, as the hunters believe he should die.

WALL-E: This film is an animated, comedy, adventure, sci-fi. Everyone has been removed from Earth because it had become a big pile of trash. Waste removal robot, Wall-E, has been left to continue cleaning. When Eve, another robot, arrives looking to see if the planet can sustain any life, Wall-E finally has some company. When the spaceship returns for Eve, Wall-E sneaks aboard, and begins an exciting new life.

THE DARK KNIGHT: Batman, along with Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, have been taking down the criminal elements of the city. This has effectively reduced crime, until a new criminal mastermind shows up, and things get a lot worse. Now, Batman really has his hands full, as criminal mastermind, the Joker, has released his criminal insanity on Gotham City.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: Wild and crazy nights in Las Vegas are normal. Young partiers Joy and Jack wake up and soon realize that they had married each other the night before. When they win a $3 million jackpot, each thinks they deserve the prize, so they ask a judge for a decision. The strange ruling is that the two must stay married for a few months, and try to make their marriage work. With $3 million on the line, they conspire to make each other quit the marriage, as they are both determined to get the money for themselves.

TWENTY ONE: This movie tells the actual tale about M.I.T. students who created a team of blackjack winners. These wiz kids planned, trained, and executed a brilliant run at the blackjack tables. To be successful in Las Vegas, where players who beat the game can be banned from playing, they created false identities, and used complex signals to avoid detection. This movie is based on the best selling book that tells how the M.I.T. teams made millions playing blackjack.

10,000 B.C.: This movie takes us back to prehistoric times. When a warlike tribe attack the Yaghai's, they ride off with some of the people, including the lovely Evolet. A young hunter named D'Leh, who is in love with her, leads a group of hunters to pursue the warlords, and save her, and the rest of the captured tribe members.

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