Monday, February 23, 2009

Excellent digital camera - Nikon Coolpix P90

By Dick Busch

Not a month goes by without a new range of digital cameras being launched, often with little change from the previous versions but just revamps. For someone who is dedicated then they may spend quite some time researching consumer reports to find the best digital camera. Once the search is over it is time to gather up your savings for the camera of your dreams; that brand new 10 megapixel, 10 times optical zoom camera with a two and a half inch screen.

Finally you decide upon the latest 10 megapixel model with a huge optical zoom and a feature list as long as you arm. Unfortunately, technology doesn't ever stop for breath and your personal choice is no exception, so after months of searching you now have to have the latest version of the camera which has taken over the accolade.

Suddenly you are frustrated again as you learn that because you want the best digital camera, it is going to cost you considerably more than you thought. However, the decision to purchase the best digital camera has been made for us because why would we now want second best. If you are new to digital cameras and photography the tips below might be useful and point you in the right direction. Much is made about the number of pixels and the truth is the more you have the better.

If you are looking to print your photos then the more pixels you have the greater the image definition will be. The resolution of your image is based upon the megapixel property of your camera which means that as you enlarge the picture, you would get more detail and less blurry colors. LCD screens have over the years become much larger which means you can frame your shot easier and view the result with more ease than ever before. The best digital cameras are able to touch up and edit the images this is an excellent feature to have as standard.

The only downside to this great feature is it uses more battery power so always keep a fresh set with you at all times if you don't want to be caught out. A digital zoom facility is available on almost every digital camera these days but optical zoom cameras cost more but the result is far superior. Optical zooms are usually fitted on the more expensive cameras with a combination digital zoom. These cameras use a memory card to store the images on but there are a variety of types, so be careful when buying one for your model.

Some of these memory cards may already be familiar to you: the XD, SD, Memory Stick and Compact Flash. Try to obtain the largest memory you can for your camera and your budget. Prices for the large gigabyte cards now are almost the same price as one that was only 64mb only 2 or 3 years ago.

Your life and interests should really be the ideal measuring stick for the type of digital camera you ultimately buy. If you enjoy taking shots with your new toy and use it regularly then that is all you can ask from a camera isn't it? - 16651

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