Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eyeglass Frames

By Amanda Somrekli

If you really do not spend that much time in close-up work then wearing reading glasses for just a few minutes of work may seem like a real nuisance. However, half-frames give you just the solution you needed.

New shoppers often believe that the cost of the frames is the actual cost of the glasses. Sadly, the reason you need the eyeglasses to begin with, are the lenses used. Lenses are an important aspect to the cost of eyeglasses, as they come with many different options such as antireflective coating, or sun protection.

One you can try if you work at a computer all day is to tack a piece of newsprint to the wall, about 8 feet away from your computer terminal. Interrupt your work every 15 to 20 minutes, and focus on the newspaper, then back to your computer screen. Do this several times daily. This exercise can help prevent the blurry vision that some people experience at the end of their workday.

Deteriorating vision does not have to go along with the aging process. If owning a pair of reading glasses, or bifocals is the last thing you want to do, then its time to focus on prevention.

Compact and Folding Reading Glasses have brought in a mini revolution to the market. There are now a variety of these glasses meant for temporary use. There are tiny, foldable readers with telescopic temples that fit in cases that are merely pen-sized.

Thirdly, since frames come in myriad colors and patterns, it is good to look for a hue that complements your hair as well as your skin tone. But it is also fun to find a whimsical pair that will provide a splash of color, not to mention a great topic of conversation.

If you get a fun pair that you really love, you will want to get a funky necklace to hang them from, so they are on your person at all times. You never know when you'll need them. You may find yourself putting them on more than you have to.

By considering the factors above, you can be sure you will be wearing the best reading glasses for you. With the variety of fun colors and styles on the market, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue indigo, Violet- Why does there have to be so many colors anyway? How does one choose? Warm hues like orange, copper or red look great on warm skin and hair tones.

Cool skin and hair tones should stick to cool colors like purple, blue or silver. Complimentary colors are also wonderful for accentuating ones eye color, a blue eye surrounded by an orange frame is instantly electrified. - 16651

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