Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FeedFlix: Shows You if Netflix is Worth the Money

By Christina Conley

At one time or another during the lifetime of your Netflix subscription, you have probably wondered whether you were getting your money's worth out of the rental service. Who hasn't? A new tool has come along that will show you in objective terms if you really are utilizing Netflix to the fullest extent.

FeedFlix is free, and functions by aggregating RSS feeds from Netflix to generate usage statistics for you and other FeedFlix users. It makes it very easy to literally see if you're getting the most out of your subscription.

Signing up is easy. Point your browser, and enter your Netflix username and password. It's important to note that Feedflix is not owned by Netflix; they just consume Netflix RSS feeds and obtain an authorization token directly from Netflix.

Once you do this, FeedFlix will begin analyzing your usage data. Within a few minutes, your home page will be filled with some interesting numbers. Check out the video walk-through above to see how this looks, but here are some interesting measures you'll find:

* How many movies you rent per month * Average number of days you hold movies * The calculated cost per DVD delivered to your door * Average cost per total rentals (physical plus on demand) * Rentals per week (bar chart) * What percentile your statistics place you in

You'll also find some interesting aggregate information about users of the Netflix service in general. For example, how your usage and return rates compare to others, what the most requested movies are, which movies are stocked in the largest quantities, historical rentals and favorites, and more.

What makes the service so interesting is its singular focus. It will tell you at a glance if you really are making the most of your monthly subscription fee.

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