Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Four Ways to Being a Fashionable Gentleman

By Ray Gypsy Timmons

Here are the keys to looking like a GQ model:

1. Do match your accessories.

Rings, necklaces, and watches accent your style. Whether it is silver or gold, use only one material type per outfit.

2. Do match your belt to your shoes.

There is no time, place or very odd unfashionable dimension where its appropriate to wear a brown leather belt with black dress shoes. The colors of your shoes and belt do not need to be exactly the same, it is often hard to completely match subtle shades of brown, but it should be close.

3. Do wear clothes that fit and accentuate your body.

Always invest in garments that are form fitting and not baggy. Don't expect to slim into it or bulk up. Find a tailor you trust and they will bring your best self to the surface.

4. Do invest in some quality undergarments.

Doesn't it turn you on when you finally get to see all those lacy under things that your woman is wearing? Now imagine if she disrobed for you and she was wearing a pair of pizza stained Christmas themed boxers that she got five years ago. Just like it makes us more excited to see clean and quality womens underwear the same rule applies here. Youll feel sexier just knowing that you are ready for a willing beautiful lady to rip your clothes off. - 16651

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