Tuesday, February 10, 2009

General Final Cut Pro Advice

By SFXsource

Below are quick Final Cut Pro tips for making a video. When you just start out using Final Cut Pro, it can be daunting, however, these tips will get you started making some great movies.

1. To edit something from iMovie in Final Cut, it's just a few simple steps; first, make sure your project is saved. Now, highlight the project (from the Project Library). Click on Share - Export Final Cut XML- you will need to select where you want to save it. Go back to Final Cut and go to FILE - IMPORT - FCP XML from iMovie.

2. Occasionally you will need to render files that you import. You may see a red bar appear at the top of your Timeline. From your Timeline, you will need to select IN and OUT and then Sequence - Render, Render All, or Render Only. To know what need to be rendered (video or audio), preview in the Canvas.

3. If you want to include an image, just go to File - Import - Files and there are different ways you can add it: Insert with transition, Insert, Overwrite with transition, Overwrite, Replace, Fit to Fill, or Superimpose.

4. Adjusting the volume levels is easy, just go to the bottom left corner of the Timeline to the button that looks like a mountain. By clicking here, lines will appear through the middle of the bars. To adjust the volume, just drag the line up or down.

5. Changing the size of the bars in the Timeline, is really easy; click on the '4 bars' tab in the bottom left hand corner of the Timeline. To add tracks, delete track, or reset the panel, right click on the left hand side of the Timeline.

6. Finally, when working on projects, don't forget that you may have bars locked or unlocked, or muted!

Use these simply tips to make your video editing experience seamless in Final Cut Pro. - 16651

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