Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get Trendy Fashions for Your Daughter: Mimi and Maggie Clothing

By Katie Wilber

The options are endless in the world of fashion for little girls. While style and price can be a factor, quality is also very important. One clothing designer that takes all of these things into account is Mimi & Maggie.

Although the company calls California home, an internet search will render a list of retailers throughout the country selling their clothing. The clothing has a reputation for being very playful and vibrant while remaining chic for little girls. The clothing is artistic and fun while being inspired by cultures from around the world.

There's no reason why little girls can't be rough and tough just like the boys while still looking good. For many, the word "boutique" brings thoughts of stuffy, but that is not the case with these clothes. Mimi & Maggie designs up-to-date and stylish clothing, even for the most hip young girls. Girls can pick from jeans, shirts, sweaters, dresses, and coats. With sizes that accommodate girls from 12 months to about 12 years, by the time a baby girl begins to walk, she can be as hip as her older counterparts

The clothes are designed while keeping two little girls, Mimi & Maggie, in mind. Fun and colorful doesn't mean these clothes aren't casual enough for everyday wear. The clothing is made with fine detail and handmade touches. It's very common to find clothing decorated with beading, embroidery, or lace.

Many times mothers don't find the same clothing appealing that their daughters do. That's not a problem with Mimi & Maggie. The company makes trendy clothing that keeps little girls looking like little girls. Mothers and daughters usually fall in love with the fashions of Mimi & Maggie.

The company does not farm their designs out to mass production facilities. They have searched the world to find facilities that appreciate and specialize in quality and handwork.

Mimi & Maggie also strive to incorporate different cultures and talents of the world into their clothing. They do so by searching out handicrafts and working them into their designs. It's also very common to see the inspiration of world cultures past and present in their designs.

Last year's spring collection is a wonderful example. The designs and colors of the line were inspired by ancient Mexican villages, while handicrafts from Bali can be found in the fine details of the pieces.

Culture and tradition play an integral role in Mimi & Maggie clothing designs, but they also keep little girls in mind. According to the company website, they pull their main inspiration from, "The little girl with the little girl with laughter in her eyes, fire in her spirit, love in her heart, and dance in her feet."

The company prides itself in delivering the best quality clothing for little girls that is stylish, colorful, and worldly, all while also making mothers' glad they shopped at Mimi & Maggie's. - 16651

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