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How Much Is a Wedding Photographer?

By Michael J

As much as every bride would love to have a Wedding Photography Price List and go shopping with it in her bag of tricks, that's just not likely or commonsensible given the state of wedding photography.

JUST A MINUTE, don't hold your breath. I'm going to identify exactly to you where you can receive a "ballpark" pricelist with #keyword# in various ranges. The List will help you with your comparison shopping.

But let's think about some things for a moment...

Photographers Set Fees on Experience + Talent + Overhead

As a rule of thumb, there is very little agreement as to how much the photography will cost for an typical event. It is predicated on factors such as geographical area, how much expertise and value the photographer has established, how many features will be purchased with the package, and whether or not they are shooting digital.

These days, most photographers are shooting digital instead of film. When working with a photographer, you are paying for their respective experience, style, reputation, overhead and materials. A seasoned pro who works full-time in this environment will likely have a higher fee than a "weekend warrior". However, the results will likely be better from the full time person.

A full-time professional has the experience to grapple with these newbies, who seemingly come out of the woodwork at the drop of a hat.

In these times, anyone with a digital camera thinks they can be a able photographer. There is a certain charm about the job, albeit overrated. Sure, it's fun to get paid to attend someone's wedding and to partake in a fun day of festivities and happiness. That being said, taking the pictures is actually the easiest part of the task. Behind the scenes, it is not so captivating.

Having a professional photo house is absolutely grinding work and wedding photography prices often reflect that. There's a ton of tedium, editing of photos, assembly of albums, marketing, networking, and infinite activities - as with any business.

Not Everyone Who Owns a Fancy Camera is a 'Pro'

Non Pro photographers are able to keep their wedding photography prices low because of less expenses. The amount of rent and hiring employees at a large studio must be paid for by charging a lot more to the bride and groom. While their services may be justified, it may not be so pleasant in your overall budget. Remember, consider the option ofa freelancer or someone who operates from home to keep wedding photography prices affordable and to avoid paying a more established professional's "monthly rent".

TIP: Ask for Add-On Services AFTER the Wedding if Possible

Realize that at the same time you're preparing your estimated expenses, you'll probably want and need to allocate extra money for albums and portraits for both families. Regardless, you're probably going to spend more than you originally resolved, but you'll be doing it because you like the memories so much, you WANT to buy the add-ons.

The bottom line is not decided by the amount you put aside for the wedding photographer on photographs. Instead, it's the total joie de vivre you get from the pictures over the years.

Some photographers will let you take up add on's - like reprints, wall hangings and albums - after the marriage ceremony is over. This may help to free up cash that you can use toward the other items in your budget. Ask the photographer if you can acquire a basic package and then buy more after the wedding. Or, ask for a price list for albums, reprints, and additions.

The One Decision You Might Regret

Regardless of what you conclude (full-timer or part-timer), recognize that you should NOT gamble your once-in-a lifetime celebration to an unpracticed photographer! I can guarantee that you will bemoan the decision later. It's not hard to pay too much for you really like.

Wedding photography prices are most often the one restriction that prevents many wedding clients from hiring the photographer who can undoubtedly offer the best value for the dollars spent. Routinely, the difference between the photographer you love (who might be more upscale) and the one who you end up signing on because of not enough money is seemingly infinitesimal. - 16651

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