Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Advertise on Billboards

By Charlie Reese

Advertising 0n Billboards

Whether or not you can afford to rent a Clear Channel billboard, you can still benefit from billboard advertising. Advertising billboards are everywhere nowadays, and with good reason. Advertising on a billboard is still one of the most effective ways for a business to reach people. People routinely tune out television advertisements, radio adverts, newspaper circulars, and even product placements. An advertising billboard, however, can still get attention from jaded consumers.

The secret is that billboard advertising targets people when they are out and about. Even billboards advertising products that do not have a broad consumer appeal are sometime successful. The secret is that, when they're in their houses, consumers are less active.

You have to really convinced them of the validity of a product to get them to go out and buy it right then. Once they leave their houses, however, they are much more likely to make an on-the-fly decision regarding purchases. That is why you see billboards advertising restaurants by the side of the road and signs advertising clothing stores on the interstate. They really work!

I actually came to billboard advertising as a skeptic. You see, I had some advertising classes in college, and when I started my first business, I was not all that confident in traditional forms of advertisement. I thought I was very smart, and was only interested in Guerrilla marketing, word-of-mouth campaigns, and other pioneering marketing and advertising techniques like that.

Billboard advertisements seemed stale to me. I figured that no one would pay attention to them because they were always in the background. For the first several months of running my business, I avoided billboard advertising altogether. When my sales were flagging, one of my friends told me that I should give it a shot. I was skeptical, but I tried it. I put up billboards, and to my surprise business picked up almost overnight.

Billboard advertising saved my business. If I hadn't put up those advertising billboards, I don't think that sales would have picked up. The word simply wasn't getting out without billboard advertisements. We had come up with a clever slogan, put spots out on the radio, and even rented some tv time, but nothing had worked. When people actually saw the signs when they were driving past on the highway, however, they finally knew where we were. It was the one thing that worked to get customers in the door! - 16651

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