Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Get Fine in 2009

By Dorthy Weatherbush

If what you desire most is to get your body together in 2009, then there is no better time than now to get on the good foot. Take a look at the following suggestions, which can be used to guide you on your journey to fabulosity. Remember, this is your life and only you can decide how you will spend it.

1. Make a goal of reading some self-help and self-improvement books and articles. Set a realistic goal of how many books you can read in a week or a month. You also want to make notes in a journal or daily planner of the points and tips that you can use in your own life-changing plan.

2. Spend the day at the spa. Get a manicure, pedicure, and a massage. Taking the time to relax and distress yourself will go along way on your journey to self improvement.

3. Eating a healthy diet is really important for self improvement and the Medifast Meal Replacement Program can be great place to begin. It's a quick and easy way to decrease the amount of calories you take in, will help you drop pounds, and will correct your unhealthy eating habits. The great tasting Medifast Meal Program is s great way to get back in your clothes in a short period of time. Once you begin to notice the changes that your body will make, you will be even more ready to continue to be fine.

4. Exercising is one of the most important things that you can do to improve yourself in 2009 and should be added to your daily schedule. You absolutely must make time for it in your life. You can opt to join a gym, get a personal trainer, or use your home and your neighborhood to do cardio and aerobic activity. An hour of exercise everyday will make and amazing difference, not only in your body, but also in your confidence.

If you schedule will not allow you to reserve a full hour at a time for exercise, and then break your workout into 2 30 minute session. In your first session, you can do cardio activity. In your second session later in the day you can lift weights. The combination of the two will help you to lose weight and tone your body so that you have muscle definition. You will begin to fit into your clothes better and get more compliments about the way that you look. You will feel better about yourself as your self- image improves and at that point you will really begin to experience that new and improved you.

5. Now that you have gotten your workout into your schedule, youre going to be looking fine, which means you may need a new wardrobe to keep up with your new look. Take a trip to the mall and buy yourself a couple of new up to date pieces. But don't forget to keep the classics in your closet, like a nice pair of jeans and of course a nice black cocktail dress. Turning up your fashion sense a couple of notches will help you to get even more attention and will give you a new look that will be absolutely irresistible. - 16651

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