Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How To Start A Wardrobe

By Victor Santerino

Purchasing a full work wardrobe can be a financial burden when first starting out. Men need to make sure they purchase their initial suits wisely, because they might not have enough money to try again for a few months.

I wrote this article to help men in their initial suit purchasing endeavors. Upon finishing this article you will have a better idea of what colors and fabrics should be chosen for men's first suit purchases.

The first issue to consider is the color of your first suit. Two colors to seriously consider are navy blue and charcoal gray. These colors are great for office settings and interviews. Also you will find that they go well with a wide array of accessories.

Buy a fabric that works well all year long. This can be found in suits with fabrics of medium weight and thickness. Wool is a great material to wear since it will breath well in the summer and insulate well in the winter.

Shoes and belts should be purchased in black or burgundy. These two colors will not only work great with gray and blue, but also many other colors as well.

The white shirt is the best shirt for you to initially purchase. The reason behind this is that it will work well with any color suit or tie. In addition to this, it will also adhere to any formal dress code you may have.

The winter coat is essential for those living in areas with cold winters. Medium weight suits will keep some of the frost off you, but will not suffice in freezing temperatures.

Thank you for reading this article on starting a wardrobe. Bookmark this page and refer back to it each time you buy something new for your closet. - 16651

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