Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Image Consultants are not only for the rich and famous!

By Erika

An Image Consultant is the best accessory you can have in your life! A personal stylist is no longer a luxury reserved for the Rich and Famous.

As days pass, sometimes you loose track of yourself. Being hit from all sides with work, family, kids, school, or anything else that requires a lot of your time keeps you hustling and very busy. As time goes by, you have lost track of yourself and somewhere along the line you just naturally fell into a comfort zone.

This comfort zone tells you that getting dressed should be a simple process. You wear whatever is convenient, clean, and simple. You have no time to plan an outfit and are unsure if you have any stylish outfits. Your comfort Zone tells you that you don't have time to style your hair or put on make-up because you are too busy. It prevents you from finding the time to shop for yourself or even remember what you use to like about fashion. You are unsure as to what even looks good on you anymore.

We all have comfort areas. An Image Consultant recognizes your comfort zone and helps to re-establish your fashion image. Sometimes shopping is a pain. The fashion trends and styles change so frequently. Many people just wind up shopping for the things they already have. Hiring an Image Consultant is like having your own personal fashion stylist. They put outfits together for you based on your lifestyle, career and most importantly body structure.

When you are shopping with your Image Consultant, they help you to understand the styles. A personal Image Consultant teaches you about what style will compliment your shape. Getting back in touch with your body and updating your wardrobe to accommodate your life can be a rewarding wake-up call. You can wear casual clothing and still be stylish. The key here is how you put it together! You can look good and feel comfortable. It is not oneor the other. Whether it's casual, business casual, chic, or timeless elegance a personal Image Consultant can help develop your style.

Do you have a closet full of nothing to wear? The most motivating factor is to FEEL GOOD IN THE SKIN YOUR IN. When you look good you feel good. When you feel good, you have more energy and confidence. Is it time for you to hire a personal Image Consultant?

Own Your Image!

Erika Chloe is New York's premiere Image Consultant and CEO of - a Fashion Consulting Company with offices in most U.S cities. She is an established Fashion Designer who's clothing line can be found in Bloomingdales, Macy's, and Lord & Taylor. Erika has worked for Harper's Bizarre Magazine and has done styling work for FHM Magazine. - 16651

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